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Michael J. Weinstein | The Philadelphia Calligrapher


Michael was born in Philadelphia and currently resides in a Philadelphia suburb. Michael’s passion for creating art began as a child when he sat for hours duplicating and tracing words, letters and pictures from holiday and birthday cards, and he has been in love with the art of lettering ever since. All throughout his school years, he leapt at the chance to take art classes. After graduating from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile design, he attended The Charles Morris Price School of Advertising and Journalism. Upon graduation he began a career in the field of Advertising.


Realizing that his passion and hunger to create art was untapped, he and his mother designed a business that would utilize his talents in that realm. They purchased wholesale item such as bags, scarves, umbrellas, sweatshirts and baby items so that Michael could personalize them. He painted letters, initials and words on the items and his love for artistic lettering grew and his desire to pursue calligraphy was born.


He began taking calligraphy courses then studied with a prominent New York City artist and calligrapher. Although a difficult and meticulous art to grasp, it came easily to Michael and he relished it. What started out as a part-time hobby, calligraphy and design became his fulltime business. In August of 2000, MJW Calligraphy was launched. For the last 15+ years, calligraphy has remained Michael’s passion and he has worked with countless people to create the most elegant calligraphy. He is constantly inspired by the people with whom he works and is grateful to be doing what he loves. The pinnacle of the work for Michael is playing a small role in making people’s events, weddings, projects and gifts a tad more special and memorable.

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